Thursday, 8 November 2007

It has to start somewhere - an introduction

It seems rude not to start with an introduction, so here goes. I've been working with MS CRM as my main technical focus for over 3 years, and became a Microsoft CRM MVP in April 2007. My main online involvement with the 'CRM community' thus far has been in the CRM newsgroups and forums, mostly helping with individual issues. This is the next step...

There are several reasons for starting this blog, the main one is to give me more space to cover fuller solutions or ideas than can be covered in the forums. These will be biased towards MS CRM customisation and development, but will doubtless stray into related technologies - SQL, Reporting Services, SharePoint, SSIS and .Net development - as well as infrastructure issues as I find them.


The Dissonance said...

Congrats. I'm looking forward to reading about your insights. I've added you to the CRM Team Blog list called 'MVP blogs we Read'.

Greg said...

Great to see your new blog David - your MS Forums posts have always been so helpful, I look forward to reading more of your tips!

You'll be one of the select few I link to from my own blog!

The CRM Grid

uMar Khan said...

Hi David,
Its a great start. Best of luck for all the expected goodies coming from you in coming time.
uMar Khan