Friday, 6 August 2010

A view of records owned by the user's business unit

Bubbling something up from an answer I gave on the Dynamics CRM forums. Although it may not seem obvious within Advanced Find, it is possible to create a view that displays records owned by a user's business unit.

The following gives the contacts owned by the current user's BU - strictly it's composed as 'contacts owned by a business unit that contains the current user'

Owning Business Unit
Users (Business Unit)
User Equals Current User


Jukka said...

Thanks for the tip! I had been wondering about this query criteria many times, but never thought about the option you describe. Quite a useful setting for system views in an organization with a hierarchical business unit structure.

CRM_Newbie said...

This is very useful! However, for custom entities, I am not seeing "Owning Business Unit" as one of the fields in the drop-down of available fields. Any ideas?? Thanks for your help.