Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Using WSDL Proxies with CrmOnline - Recent changes

A recent change applied to Crm Online in EMEA affects the information needed to connect to Crm Online if you don't / can't use the .Net 4 CRM SDK assemblies. This article gave information that was valid at the time, but the AppliesTo parameter now needs to be, instead of

I would expect similar changes would occur in other data centres, but unfortunately I don't know of a way to know when such changes will occur

Thanks to fellow MVP Wim Coorevits for discovering this change


Muhammad Amir said...

I was basing my code on the wsdlbasedproxies example in the CRM 2011 SDK. Once you find it, this code is reasonably well documented. hidemyass vpn review

Skill Quotient said...

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